i'm a storyteller who was born and raised in the san fernando valley. i completed my undergrad in portland, oregon and before my finals were graded, i moved back in with my parents because i missed not buying groceries.

i'm currently an mfa candidate in photography & media at calarts primarily working with text and photographs. i cofounded a traveling photo show called to the front with my punk sister in crime, erica lauren. we love music, we love photography and above all: we want to make sure women and non-binary artists have a platform to showcase their work.

my love language is film and most of the images you see on this website were made with a mamiya 645e named autumn leigh. my personal work centers around themes of longing, belonging and dissecting the various ways people, memories and physical spaces are home. i'm also influenced by the way black women have been and are currently portrayed in pop culture. the church of christ and the church of mtv raised me. that last sentence is the butt of many jokes, most of which are started by me.

despite having my expensive degree (and subsequent second degree) that taught me how to write a proper bio, i still don't see the point in writing in third person.

i have made photographs for: the wall street journal, substream magazine, idobi radio, paste magazine, restless digital, republic records, hopeless records, california institute of the arts and various independent artists.

i am available for work and though my home base is los angeles, i have been known to travel. let's make memories.

Email: ccolesphoto@gmail.com

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